Gerry Marks

14k Yellow Gold Bracelet

Killerwhale and Human
3/4" x 6"

Gerry Marks 

June 20th, 1949

Vancouver, BC

In 1971, Gerry studied with Freda Diesing in Prince Rupert and attended the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art; he studied under Alfred Joseph. During his time at Gitanmaax (Ksan), Gerry also learned to make his own engraving tools. During his training, he was greatly influenced by Pat Dixon, Francis Williams, Robert Davidson, and Bill Holm. In 1977, Gerry carved a 25-foot totem pole with Francis Williams and helped Robert Davidson carve the Edenshaw Memorial House front, in Masset. That same year he worked with Peter Page at the Treasures of London Master Craftsmen Workshop, in London. Gerry has pieces in the BC Provincial Museum, the National Museum of Ethnology, and Osaka Museum. His first repousse bracelet was purchased by the Canadian government's Ministry of Indian Affairs. Throughout 2009 and 2010, Gerry was working from Malaysia and Sweden. His carving style is characterized by precise lines and minute detail. Every surface of his pieces are textured and perfectly finished.

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